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My Australian Job is a recruitment platform for small to large French and Australian companies seeking qualified staff, in diverse industries including: Accounting & Finance, Education, Construction, Engineering, Government, Sales & Marketing, HR, Information Technology, Manufacturing & Operations, Mining, Resources and Energy, Office Support and Transport & Logistics.

  • Recruiter Profile

    You create your company “recruiter” profile. You add your job or internship advertisement. The candidates can apply directly through the platform and you will receive a notification by email.

  • Pre Selection

    Let My Australian Job team prescreen the applications by matching the job resumes to your advertised required skills and competencies of the applicants. Our team will provide you with a shortlist of applicants. Please contact our team you are interested in using this service.

  • Job Advertising

    Your job or internship advertisement will be posted on the platform and can be posted on all social media channels, pending on your requirements and recruitment policies.

  • Support service

    For any enquiries, please contact the My Australian Job team by phone on (03) 9600 0000 or by email at


My Australian Job aims at facilitating the employment of qualified and experience applicants by providing:

  • - Details of employers who have positions available in Australia for job seekers.
  • - The opportunity for job seekers to directly apply and send their resume and cover letter to employers who publish available positions on the platform.

  • Candidate Profile

    You need to create your profile to be registered in our applicant database. This can be done in about 10 minutes.

  • Update Your Profile

    You will receive your login and password which will enable you to manage your personal information on the platform.

  • Apply For A Position

    Are you interested by a job or an internship advertised on the platform? You can apply directly to the offer through My Australian Job and have the option of adding your resume and cover letter. (.PDF, max. 2MB).

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